love mandala

The mandala above is an original design by Elizabeth's longtime friend, Nancy Cleaver.  Nancy has generously given us all a way to spiral love out into the universe.  Nancy's love circle or love mandala, is a  pdf file that you can download, print out, color, fold, and experiment with as you choose.  Elizabeth colored the one above with paper chalk, but you could use colored pencils, crayons, pastels.
Love Mandala

The amazing thing about mandalas is that they are universal symbols that stir up really powerful energy. As we encounter and interact with mandalas, whether made by nature, other humans or ourselves, we are given opportunities to connect more deeply with the Divine, explore our place in the Universe and create a sense of wholeness and connectedness.

Print out the mandala, and see how you are called to interact with it.  Maybe you will want to color it.  Maybe you will be inspired to create your own mandala.  Maybe you will choose to just use it as a reminder of the love that surrounds you and that you are a part of at all times. 

We would love to see what you decide to do with your love mandala.  If you post something on your blog, please return here and link to it and of course we would love to see photos in the threading light flickr group pool.
happy valentine's day!
love and blessings~
lisa and elizabeth 
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