Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the calm in your heart

" does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." ~Anonymous


I thought I would share with you a little about what life is like on a peace walk. We are currently in Arizona in the middle of a desert. Yesterday it rained all day, and we had leaks all over the rv. Our walking teams went out to walk today only to find that the ‘roads’ they were supposed to walk on were completely washed out. Dinner was delayed by undercooked garbanzo beans. A cup of tea was spilled on one of our elder’s computer when the table collapsed in the rv. The youngest member of our group (my son) peed in the middle of the rv because he was too involved in pretending to be a turtle to stop to go. Then, the oldest member of our group (who has alzheimers) peed through her depends while sitting in her wheelchair.

There is no environment that allows us to become peace. It is an attitude, an approach, a state of mind. It is choices. It is choosing not to feel guilty. It is choosing not to blame. It is choosing to have faith in Wisdom. It is choosing to face the hard stuff straight up and expose it all. It is choosing to not be rigid. It is choosing to laugh, to smile, and maybe even scream. It is choosing to breath. It is choosing to release. In the midst of all the chaos…it is remembering to love.


This weekend I was in a yoga class at a new studio. I guess there were new tenants moving in upstairs. Throughout my whole practice there was a child running back and forth down the hall, I heard the sounds of a bath being filled up, and things were being moved around. Things like this used to bother me, but now, as a mom to four, it is in these moments where I am called to find that piece of me that holds the peace. It is hard sometimes, but I know that once I am able to sit clearly amidst the everyday chaos, my heart will be shining happy golden rays of sunshine.


  1. Just discovered you guys. I love the idea. Love Circle of Stones book. It inspired me to set up a women's circle here in Ireland three years ago.

    To celebrate the 100th International Women's Day I am organising a circle of stones on our local beach next Saturday.

    In its honour I have designated this Circle of Stones week at Dreaming Aloud - I will be posting lots on women's circles and authentic connection over the week.

    Do stop by

  2. Sorry, forgot to say that your picture of your spiral of stones was in inspiration and may well be recreated here on our Irish shores at the event...

  3. Thank you for the gentle reminder that I can choose to be peaceful in the most challenging times. Times that stretch my patience are the times when I need to be more patient! I'm glad that we are capable of seeing the lessons - in a leaking RV or a noisy yoga studio.



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