Friday, October 29, 2010

october peace intention check in

Let's check in and see how our first month of the piece together peace project has gone for you.  Please include a link here when you have posted about your personal peace intention.  We can't wait to read about all the peace you've been generating!

Walk the walk.

Be peace.

Be the piece.

Together...let's piece together peace.

Monday, October 25, 2010

short cuts

In this age, which believes that there is a short cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest.

~Henry Miller


Jude and I have been travelling with the 13 moon walk 4 peace for the last two weeks. We have had an incredible experience as we integrated into a loving supportive community to walk for healing, peace and happiness and to bring that healing to the areas we are walking. My original plan was to walk for 1 week from Atlanta to Macon, and the reason for this was simply because I grew up outside of Atlanta and my ancestors are from Macon. But as I walked I realized the depth of what needed healing went way beyond what I could accomplish in one week. So we stayed on.

People wonder why we are walking. And there have been times that some of our group has wondered the same thing. People have wondered how we could just put our lives on hold to do this. And believe me; each one of us has had major issues to overcome to make it possible for us to be here. The simplicity of walking has a liberating effect. Having packed for 1 week has simplified my life so greatly, that I have found a sense of peace in just that piece of this journey. Our plans shift very often, which has been a great gift to me and one of the aspects of this walk that I love. There is no room for attachment or routine. From that standpoint, embracing each moment is quite easy. From the perspective of someone looking in from the outside, it may seem like what we are trying to do is impossible. But from where I sit I can’t imagine walking this walk any other way.


Six years ago, when my daughter was diagnosed with having extreme sensitivities to gluten, we realized that we could never eat out anywhere and that gluten was literally in everything. We then had to go ever further than buying organic food, but now also had to cook most of everything from scratch, everyday. This was probably one of my first lessons that brought me full circle to realizing that this situation was truly a gift to us. It brought us closer to knowing what we ate and led us to where we are now.

Two years ago, I got rid of my cell phone. I think I went through withdrawal for a couple weeks. I would think how I had to call someone, but then realize I couldn’t, and then I had to let it go. After those first two weeks, I saw a space open up in my life of complete freedom and independence that just didn’t exist for me when I was constantly connected. I stopped rushing around and starting realizing where I was…no strings attached.

Throughout this past year, my family has struggled financially more than I ever thought possible. At first, I despised the days when my husband had no work. After awhile, I began to despise the days he did. Dollar signs lost their meaning, and what replaced them where hearts full of love. The kids wanted Daddy home to read books, play, and go for bike rides. I wanted my husband home to help out and for companionship. That’s what seems right. Bills don’t always get paid and there are times when I question struggle vs. worth. In the end, what I have realized is that what really matters is happiness and truth.

When we take the time to travel through our lessons, no matter how painful they may appear, or inconvenient they may seem, in the long run, we will have gained something nothing could come close to comparing to. Some things we voluntarily choose for one reason or another, while other times the situations seem to choose us. Either way, we are given the opportunity to see the beauty in growth and live in the now.


For those of you joining us in the piece together peace project, we will have a post up on Thursday for us to check in to see how the first month's intentions have been going. We can't wait to see what you have to check back in later this week!

Monday, October 18, 2010

let go

Giving up doesn't always
mean you are weak.
Sometimes it means
that you are strong enough
 to let go.



There are times in our lives when we need to press on to the finish and there are times when we need to just fly the white flag. Knowing that there is no need to be rigid in any circumstance can be critically helpful to us in this journey. We can cause great suffering if we fail to recognize that we need to surrender and press on stubbornly. So how can we determine what choice serves us best? We have to ask for guidance. We have to look for the signs that will inevidentably show up to guide us. We have to be tuned in. We have to be able to listen to our heart. Our heart holds all the answers.

We must trust enough to surrender. It is a critically important part of our existence on this planet. And we will be given many opportunities to learn how to do it well. When we release the tethers of our ego, our need to control, and just let go we really can fly.


Sometimes when things seem too rough to deal with, too confusing, or too overwhelming, it signifies the need to pay attention. In these situations I often wonder if I am seeing a highlighted scene in my life so that I may realize how worth the fight is or not. Usually when it seems very difficult and I cannot see much sense in it I know it is time to let go and move on. Really, in all of life’s situations, there is a time for beginning and a time to let go, or an end. When we let go we open new doors ways and opportunities for growth, while other times whatever we have let go of takes its own course. Either way we have gained the opportunity to grow wiser, to understand that we do not really ever have complete control, but instead, that we are all a part of something. Life is always evolving and changing its appearance. We play a part now and again, and when we let go, it is just that. We haven’t lost anything in ourselves, but instead we have gained the ability to see that life works on a much larger scale than us. Those who can see the beauty of being free from attachment and have the ability to let go when the time comes hold an amazing ability of strength, one I’d like to know as complete freedom.

Monday, October 11, 2010


You think because you understand one
you must also understand two,
because one and one make two.

But you must also understand "and".



It is the space between the ones that is difficult. When we focus on that space, our differences, it is nearly impossible to be peaceful. It is nearly impossible to love completely. It is only in our union, in our oneness, that we can truly love. Focusing on our commonalities makes it easy.

At the same time, it is nearly impossible to attain complete solidarity. While we all come from the same source, we each have unique experiences to experience here. It is challenging to try to understand and nearly impossible to understand that space. The best we can do is honor each person’s unique journey and their right to make decisions to guide their own course even if those choices appear not to align with our own. And this is really challenging.

When we can let go of being right… When we can let go of the concept of creating a perfect world by fitting everyone into a mold that looks something like who we are… When we can truly peel away the layers of division from our eyes and see through to the source of divinity within each of us…the ‘and’ will dissolve with grace.


“And” is a connection; a bridge that connects one step to the next.

“And” is the conjoining soul that brings us to our next place of being.

“And” represents all of those lingering thoughts that guide us, possibly without us ever knowing, to our decisions and our selves.

“And” is what most often gets overlooked, yet makes up some of the most important building blocks in existence.

“And” lies in a vast space, one that furnishes the great unknown, as well as, all of life’s answers.

“And” is fully present in learning, teaching, growing, and living.

“And” brings us, and all things, together. It holds the power to take separateness and transform it into unity.

Monday, October 4, 2010

a living revelation

"Cease trying to work everything out with your mind.
Live by intuition and inspiration.
And let your whole life be a revelation."

~Eileen Caddy


Over the last 8 weeks, I have slowly let go of making long range plans in my life. I have adopted a go with the flow approach to everything. I make tentative plans, but if they fail to materialize I don’t worry. If I am late, I do not worry. If I decide almost at the last minute that I really don’t feel like doing something, I don’t. And this is completely different from how I have lived my life up to this point. But there is a wave of change that is imminent and somehow I am living on that edge.

There is no way I could begin to explain how I got to this point. But I have been putting out the intention for healing and peace for a long, long time. I have gotten up before dawn to meditate. I have chanted. I have prayed. I have placed intentions written on small strips of paper into a fire. I have danced. I have gathered qi from the heavens and sent it out to the world. I have dug deep into my psyche for hidden crevices of darkness. I have lifted my arms to the heaven in gratitude for any little indication that these prayers have been heard or that my intentions would manifest.  And in the process the healing and peace have come, and through the process I've discovered there is no end to this journey of healing.  Peace is not a destination.  So the work and walk continue.

I leave on Thursday to embark on a journey to my childhood home. My fluid plan at this point is to walk/travel from Atlanta to Macon, GA, the place where my ancestors come from. I will be walking for healing. I will be walking for peace. Please hold me in the light.

Letting go of rules and regulations and deadlines

Finding the trust that everything will all fall into place

Letting go of things I do not have control over, let alone control it self

Finding faith that I am always protected in ALL WAYS all the time

Letting go of the idea that anything should ever have to make rational sense

Finding out that everything makes rational sense to someone, somewhere, somehow, even if it doesn’t to me

Letting go…

Yet finding…a new way of thinking, one that works from the heart, and lets the mind take a much needed rest.


If you haven't heard about the Piece Together Peace Project, please click the button below. We'd love to have you walk with us.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Piece together Peace: October Intention

How can you be peace this month?  I listened to the 13 indigenous grandmothers speak on International Day of Peace, and they kept saying in unique ways that peace begins at home. 

What does that kind of peace look like?  Will you smile more?  Will you hug more?  Will you walk more slowly?  The opportunities for us to be peace in our daily walk are endless. 

Over the next 13 months we will inspire each other and we will be amazed by the spiraling out of our intentions for peace.  So try to visit a couple of the links below if you are posting a link.

Please post a link to your peace intention for October below.  Grab the button below and link it back to the Piece together Peace project.

Walk the walk.
Be peace.
Be the piece.
Together...let's piece together peace.
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