Monday, September 27, 2010

conscious action

"Positive thinking by itself does not work. Your embodied vision, partnered with vibrant thinking, harmonized with active listening, and supported with your conscious action - will clear the path for your Miracles."

~Sumner M. Davenport


The last few weeks have been filled with ‘miracles’ for me. Many things that I have prayed for, visualized, and worked towards for years have been manifesting right before my eyes. When I go through these stretches of abundance and fullness, there is a little part of me that really clings to how good it feels when things go my way. But mostly I am filled with gratitude and awe. And for me that is a missing element in the quote above. Gratitude is the key to the Universe.

Active listening and observing are really important too. I think way too often we get too fixed on how we think things ought to be and fail to be open enough to allow things to flow into our lives that might if we would expand our options beyond what we are used to. And we simply miss out on golden opportunities for joy, wisdom, and abundance. So in order to manifest miracles, we must be open and flexible. We must be attentive. We must be living in the moment. And, above all, we must be grateful.


When I first learned about having the power to manifest my own reality I thought, oh wow, this will be great. I thought it was a really easy way to “get what I wanted”. That I could simply just put out the thoughts and they would magically and quickly come to me. It took me several years to even begin to understand just how much intention and effort goes into creating my own reality.

I have learned that I need to take the time to sit with my intentions until they seem very clear to me. Then I hold those intentions with me each and every day, believing in myself the whole way. I think each intention I have should be for the highest good of my self, others, and the environment and if it doesn’t fit into that theme, I most likely don’t really need it in my life.

Life is not always easy, however, I can change the way I think something needs to seem in order to deem it as easy, good, or bad. When I take away my judgment about how a situation feels to me, it just is another lesson or opportunity to grow, which is always a blessing. Through writing, planning, and taking action on this path of miracles, while upholding my intentions, my manifestations and life wishes seem to come into view much quicker. For the abundance of learning of who I am, I am eternally grateful. For the more grateful I am, the more it circles back around to me.


If you missed out post last week on our Piece Together Peace Project, please click the button below. We'd love to have you walk with us.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

piece together peace

Mahatma Gandhi’s words that have been paraphrased so often as “be the change you wish to see in the world” have inspired so many of us. But there are times when these words overwhelm me with the enormity of what would have to change in me in order for the world to change into the one I wish to see. Being overwhelmed is not the change I wish to see in the world. Being at peace is.

Many of us get stuck on dreaming about the world we wish to see and either get paralyzed by the enormity of the task at hand or simply forget the first part of the directive. We are going to be audacious enough to tweak Gandhi’s words a bit to inspire us to move beyond dreaming and into being…

Be the peace you can be today. How can you be peace today? What is the one thing that you can do differently to bring more peace into the world?

There is no one who can do what each of us came here to do except the one that graces us with a smile when we look into the mirror. We each have a piece of this beautiful planet to heal, transform, and create into something new. The most significant work we can do for the benefit of our planet is the work that we do on ourselves.

Be the piece you can be today. Be the change. Your piece counts! What is the piece you can give today?

Over the next 13 months, a team of peace walkers are walking around the United States to promote peace in a movement called the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace. They will be walking through 42 cities to heal the heart of America and transform the way we relate to each other and to Mother Earth. This walk is about humanity showing up for humanity.

You can be a part of it…right where you are by creating an intention for being a piece of peace and joining the Piece together Peace project.

Here's how it works...
At the beginning of every month blog about your intention for being peace. Make a commitment to change some aspect of your life that will bring more peace to you and the beings around you. Think of something you can easily change today. There are so many small changes each of us can make to be peace….meditating more often, smiling more often, breathing more often, using kind words, etc…. Then be the change and let the excitement begin. Towards the end of each month blog again about the impact the change has had on your life and those you share it with.

If you do not have a blog and you would still like to participate, consider joining the 13 Moon Communities of Peace and starting a blog there.  It is free!
We can't wait to be inspired by you...
Our plan is to feature your inspiring posts on threading light and the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace website. At the beginning of each month (beginning in October), we will post a reminder at both sites and a way for you to link to your peace intention post.  On the 21st of each month we will post our check in reminder with a way for you to link to your peace impact post.  We also plan to create a google map with the locations of all the participants so we can see all the pieces of peace as a wonderful web of threaded light.

Sponsor Piece together Peace...
We would also like to put together some giveaways for the Piece together Peace community. If you are interested in being a sponsor of Piece together Peace, let us know and we will send you sponsorship information.

Walk the walk.
Be the piece.
Be peace.
Together... let's Piece together Peace.

Link your November Peace Intention HERE

Monday, September 20, 2010

real peace

"Each one has to find his peace from within.  And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances."

~Mahatma Gandhi


This morning while I was attempting to do my morning body prayers and sun salutations the dog started barking and Jude was saying, “mommy, mommy I want….” Knowing that we had this quote picked out for this week, I thought to myself, “can I really be peace right now.” And that is the challenge. I am beautiful at being peace when I am alone on the mountain running, walking, or practicing qigong. I radiate peace after visiting a Friend’s Meeting or practicing zazen at a zendo. But it is easy to be peace when you have the cards stacked in your favor…way in your favor.

The challenge is walking the walk of peace in your daily life when engine lights come on, when there is no butter for toast, or when you have 15 minutes to do what normally takes you 1 hour. The challenge comes when you confronted by family members who do not share your views. The challenge comes when you read headlines that slip through your media filters describing oiling spewing endlessly into the ocean. The challenge comes when you are trying to do your morning prayers with the dog barking and your 4 year old shouting at you. How can we rise to the challenge and be peace then? And really it begins with asking ourselves that very question. Bringing awareness to the situation, taking a moment to breathe, and realizing the choice is ours instead of reacting mindlessly. These are the first tiny but critical steps on the path towards peace.

In each moment the way we find peace is different, but setting out with the intention is the very crucial first step. How we walk from there is what makes our journey uniquely ours.


In multiple situations in my life right now, I feel the pull toward other people’s realities, truths, illusions…whatever you want to call them. Sometimes when I feel caught right in the middle of it all, it can feel so confusing not only of how I feel but who I am. Deep down I know that it is through my truth and my heart that I will be able to find the peace that can carry me through the illusions that others uphold.

Through strengthening my heart and walking the walk of peace myself is the only way I can grow strong enough to share this message with others. As individuals, we can choose to live a peaceful life as best we can. We cannot, however, choose for others to live a peaceful life, because that is a decision that is only for oneself to make in their own readiness.

As I incorporate peace more and more into my daily rhythm, I can see my ability grow and strengthen from within to the point of acceptance of the chaos and disharmony all around me. I have seen the light of others before me and chosen to follow them on this path. Peace is the way…the only way, and my heart knows that very clearly. Sometimes it’s just better to let go and become a follower, because this is one way where being a follower brings you to a place of leading others. Together we can walk this path that is nothing short of beauty and abundance. Step by step we will change the world.


We have a very exciting announcement to share with you all tomorrow in honor of International Day of Peace on Tuesday, September 21st.  Be sure to stop by...

Monday, September 13, 2010

the dreamy field

Out beyond the only way, and the final way, is the dreamy field...I'll meet you there.



Over the last year or so I have been greatly challenged to let go of what I believe is the best way to do things over and over again. It seems that most of what I felt or thought was healthiest, safest, easiest, and wisest was only meant to be a temporary illumination for the moment at hand. When I began to realize that I don't have to cling to anything, including a belief that I research thoroughly before attaining, I began to have a real breakthrough in the amount of joy, understanding, and well being in my life.

I have felt lately, that is best to be prepared to rethink everything at a moment's notice. I don't completely understand why this is necessary right now, but I know I am not alone in recognizing this pattern on the planet. It is so helpful to let go of the need to be right. And really critical to release any rigidity in thought or beliefs. There really is no such thing is a right choice. But there is always a most loving choice, and making the most loving choices elevates us to the dreamy field.


It is so easy to get caught up in the rules and regulations of our lives. Sometimes for me it gets to the point where that’s all I can think about. At that point I get really stressed out, a headache, and life just seems to overwhelm me to the point of not knowing what to do next.

Lately I have been trying a new approach to how I feel in these types of moments. Once I start to feel my head ache, I stop…. everything I am doing, everything I am thinking, and just think, “what do I need right now?” Not in the next moment, not in five minutes, not tomorrow, next week, or in three weeks…just right now, in this moment. Once I can get my brain out of overdrive, I can begin to get a clearer picture of how to give myself what I need. Very often it is something as simple as a glass of water or to just sit down and stare out the window for a few seconds. I am finding the more and more I allow myself this space, the more in control of myself and my life I feel. I begin to shift perspective and understand that all of those things that are piling up on my “to do” list really can wait, and that I deserve to be first on that list at all times. If I am not in a centered space within myself I am not going to be very helpful or useful in any other area of my life.

This place…the in the moment “dreamy” place, is one that I think we need to begin to operate from more often. It is here that new possibilities and new realizations will be discovered and we will be able to fully drop the illusions that we have upheld as so important for so long. It is going to take awareness and effort to change the way I think all the time, but it is going to be an important reminder that there is not any "only way" or "final way", instead we get to choose how we see it in the long run.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peace Talks

This is sure to be a great opportunity to hear wisdom from the brightest lights in peace activism around the globe...and it is all free!

Of particular interest is Audri Scott William's talk on Sunday, September 19th at 5:30pm ET on Healing the Heart of America.  Audri is the vision keeper for the 13 Moon Walk for Peace, a walk in the traditional of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. around the United States for 13 Moons (11.11.11) to promote healing and peace. 

And of course you wouldn't want to miss the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers who will be speaking on September 21st, International Day of Peace.

Monday, September 6, 2010

currents of light

“With your spirit enraptured and ascending
On the currents of Light –
On the currents of His
Join me with your hands, wings, hoofs or fins
In my sublime applause.
Join me in the pure atmosphere of gratitude
For life."


Earlier this summer I planted over 50 sunflower seeds in my garden over the course of a few weeks. Few materialized into actual sprouts, and the ones that did were quickly eaten by birds or mice. I then planted more seeds inside on my porch so that I could get the seedlings off to a good start before I put them out for the birds and mice to enjoy. But a mouse ended up eating them on my porch. Tiny little holes were dug out where each seed was planted and the seed removed and eaten. I gave up at that point. And I was greatly disappointed. I had visions of lots of sunflowers gracing my garden, and that just was not to be.

Then a week or so ago, we were out in the garden getting tomatoes, and one lone sunflower stood beautifully amongst the winter squash. My heart burst with joy and gratitude over that one flower. My hope restored and my inspiration ignited over this one sunflower. And it made me wonder if I would have felt the same way if my original dream had been realized. Would I have appreciated the 50+ sunflowers as much as the one? It is funny how that works.

We are going through some interesting times here on our planet. Our clearest vision is in the moment and is intended to help us take the leap of faith that is required the take the next step. It has really been helpful to me to not get too attached to things turning out the way I envision or expect. There really is no need for disappointment at all. It is always so much easier and exciting in some ways to go with the flow and expect to be pleasantly surprised.


Whether we believe in God, or an all encompassing thread of light, we can all agree that we share a very important aspect of being with all living things…and that is life. In all of life, no matter what form or color we have, there is a natural rhythm that flows throughout our existence and throughout our every movement.
For us humans, it is our breath that carries us through our experiences. With a deep breath in we open ourselves to all the possibilities that our path can offer us. With an exhale we let go of all that no longer serves us. If at all times it could be considered that easy, we could all be free and happy and full at all times. However, we are here… existing on Earth, and that is not always easy. There is quite a lot of turbulence at times and a lot of times it is very difficult to turn our negative experiences into positive ones.

More and more I try to connect my breath with gratitude for all the little things I see in my life that I can possibly be grateful for and that in itself has the power to shift my perspective into one that keeps me grounded in the right here right now mentality. It is not always easy, but the more and more I express my gratitude, for the beautiful blue sky, for the delicious fresh food from the market, for the shoes on my feet, or the nursing child in my arms, my eyes begin to open and accept the not so easy things in my life to be grateful for.

Behind every difficulty lies a wide array of lessons to glean from. This, I believe, is one of the most important lessons in my life. If we can all join together, and help each other to grow in this mentality, it could change the world in such a healing and wonderful way. And right now, our Earth is asking us to step up.


We just wanted to let you know that neither of us knew the other was posting a closeup of a sunflower for this post...we were just pleasantly surprised and hope you are too.

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