Monday, October 4, 2010

a living revelation

"Cease trying to work everything out with your mind.
Live by intuition and inspiration.
And let your whole life be a revelation."

~Eileen Caddy


Over the last 8 weeks, I have slowly let go of making long range plans in my life. I have adopted a go with the flow approach to everything. I make tentative plans, but if they fail to materialize I don’t worry. If I am late, I do not worry. If I decide almost at the last minute that I really don’t feel like doing something, I don’t. And this is completely different from how I have lived my life up to this point. But there is a wave of change that is imminent and somehow I am living on that edge.

There is no way I could begin to explain how I got to this point. But I have been putting out the intention for healing and peace for a long, long time. I have gotten up before dawn to meditate. I have chanted. I have prayed. I have placed intentions written on small strips of paper into a fire. I have danced. I have gathered qi from the heavens and sent it out to the world. I have dug deep into my psyche for hidden crevices of darkness. I have lifted my arms to the heaven in gratitude for any little indication that these prayers have been heard or that my intentions would manifest.  And in the process the healing and peace have come, and through the process I've discovered there is no end to this journey of healing.  Peace is not a destination.  So the work and walk continue.

I leave on Thursday to embark on a journey to my childhood home. My fluid plan at this point is to walk/travel from Atlanta to Macon, GA, the place where my ancestors come from. I will be walking for healing. I will be walking for peace. Please hold me in the light.

Letting go of rules and regulations and deadlines

Finding the trust that everything will all fall into place

Letting go of things I do not have control over, let alone control it self

Finding faith that I am always protected in ALL WAYS all the time

Letting go of the idea that anything should ever have to make rational sense

Finding out that everything makes rational sense to someone, somewhere, somehow, even if it doesn’t to me

Letting go…

Yet finding…a new way of thinking, one that works from the heart, and lets the mind take a much needed rest.


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  1. I'm so inspired by your efforts, Elizabeth. I will certainly hold you in the light.

  2. elizabeth, holding you in the light...

  3. This is such peaceful, beautiful place you two have created. I am so honored to have been able to read your thoughts.

    Elizabeth, I have been thinking of you for months. The last two years on Adam's birthday (10/02/02) and knowing it's significance, I've said a special prayer for you. I will continue to think of you and will certainly hold you in the light as you begin this journey.

    Wishing you both continued peace.



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