Monday, October 18, 2010

let go

Giving up doesn't always
mean you are weak.
Sometimes it means
that you are strong enough
 to let go.



There are times in our lives when we need to press on to the finish and there are times when we need to just fly the white flag. Knowing that there is no need to be rigid in any circumstance can be critically helpful to us in this journey. We can cause great suffering if we fail to recognize that we need to surrender and press on stubbornly. So how can we determine what choice serves us best? We have to ask for guidance. We have to look for the signs that will inevidentably show up to guide us. We have to be tuned in. We have to be able to listen to our heart. Our heart holds all the answers.

We must trust enough to surrender. It is a critically important part of our existence on this planet. And we will be given many opportunities to learn how to do it well. When we release the tethers of our ego, our need to control, and just let go we really can fly.


Sometimes when things seem too rough to deal with, too confusing, or too overwhelming, it signifies the need to pay attention. In these situations I often wonder if I am seeing a highlighted scene in my life so that I may realize how worth the fight is or not. Usually when it seems very difficult and I cannot see much sense in it I know it is time to let go and move on. Really, in all of life’s situations, there is a time for beginning and a time to let go, or an end. When we let go we open new doors ways and opportunities for growth, while other times whatever we have let go of takes its own course. Either way we have gained the opportunity to grow wiser, to understand that we do not really ever have complete control, but instead, that we are all a part of something. Life is always evolving and changing its appearance. We play a part now and again, and when we let go, it is just that. We haven’t lost anything in ourselves, but instead we have gained the ability to see that life works on a much larger scale than us. Those who can see the beauty of being free from attachment and have the ability to let go when the time comes hold an amazing ability of strength, one I’d like to know as complete freedom.

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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth. This really strikes a chord within me tonight- I love practicing letting go....teaching myself how okay it is to just surrender and leave my control-freakish-ness behind. Sometimes things stick with me like we're made of velcro and I'm have a bit of a sticky moment right now in my life. I really needed the reminder to let go- stop embracing the ick and let the tide run out again.
    Much love to you-


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