Tuesday, September 21, 2010

piece together peace

Mahatma Gandhi’s words that have been paraphrased so often as “be the change you wish to see in the world” have inspired so many of us. But there are times when these words overwhelm me with the enormity of what would have to change in me in order for the world to change into the one I wish to see. Being overwhelmed is not the change I wish to see in the world. Being at peace is.

Many of us get stuck on dreaming about the world we wish to see and either get paralyzed by the enormity of the task at hand or simply forget the first part of the directive. We are going to be audacious enough to tweak Gandhi’s words a bit to inspire us to move beyond dreaming and into being…

Be the peace you can be today. How can you be peace today? What is the one thing that you can do differently to bring more peace into the world?

There is no one who can do what each of us came here to do except the one that graces us with a smile when we look into the mirror. We each have a piece of this beautiful planet to heal, transform, and create into something new. The most significant work we can do for the benefit of our planet is the work that we do on ourselves.

Be the piece you can be today. Be the change. Your piece counts! What is the piece you can give today?

Over the next 13 months, a team of peace walkers are walking around the United States to promote peace in a movement called the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace. They will be walking through 42 cities to heal the heart of America and transform the way we relate to each other and to Mother Earth. This walk is about humanity showing up for humanity.

You can be a part of it…right where you are by creating an intention for being a piece of peace and joining the Piece together Peace project.

Here's how it works...
At the beginning of every month blog about your intention for being peace. Make a commitment to change some aspect of your life that will bring more peace to you and the beings around you. Think of something you can easily change today. There are so many small changes each of us can make to be peace….meditating more often, smiling more often, breathing more often, using kind words, etc…. Then be the change and let the excitement begin. Towards the end of each month blog again about the impact the change has had on your life and those you share it with.

If you do not have a blog and you would still like to participate, consider joining the 13 Moon Communities of Peace and starting a blog there.  It is free!
We can't wait to be inspired by you...
Our plan is to feature your inspiring posts on threading light and the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace website. At the beginning of each month (beginning in October), we will post a reminder at both sites and a way for you to link to your peace intention post.  On the 21st of each month we will post our check in reminder with a way for you to link to your peace impact post.  We also plan to create a google map with the locations of all the participants so we can see all the pieces of peace as a wonderful web of threaded light.

Sponsor Piece together Peace...
We would also like to put together some giveaways for the Piece together Peace community. If you are interested in being a sponsor of Piece together Peace, let us know and we will send you sponsorship information.

Walk the walk.
Be the piece.
Be peace.
Together... let's Piece together Peace.

Link your November Peace Intention HERE


  1. This sounds like an amazing quest. Thanks for the inspiration - I cannot wait to join you lovelies!

  2. ok. i need this! homework that will help me. once a month. something creative and fun. begin october 1 or october 10?

    i'm going to the other site now!

  3. We will have the first reminder post up on October 1st. It would be great if you had your intention posted sometime within the first week of the month and then post again in the last week of the month to share your experiences. We will put up a reminder post for these as well on the 21st of each month.

    Thanks so much, whirligig and heather!

  4. Beautiful intention. I love what you guys create here. You've got me thinking...

  5. So much inspiration. You can bet I'll be joining in. Anything that helps me and my family and in turn our community and the world - is right up my alley. Om Shanti - Debbie

  6. Please send me the sponsorship information. You'll find contact info on my blog. This is a wonderful project.

  7. I'm ready to piece together peace for sure.
    I would also like to donate something for the give-aways. I make a peace tea full of all sorts of happy, healthy herbs...

  8. Thank you for this wonder, hope and joy! What a great and proactive project to participate in!

    Thank you

    I join this and do my piece for peace. Inner peace, peace in our home, peace in community, in our city, in our state, in our world

  9. I will be a part of this Elizabeth!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday xo

  10. I want to join! I'm needing this right now and sharing it with others will help me to stay accountable to myself.


  11. Such a beautiful project. I look forward to taking part in this and seeing how we change our world.

  12. What a beautiful project. I'm finding you a month late but I'm happy to join in.


Please leave us a comment and let us know that you will be joining us. We would love to have you pick up the needle...

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