Monday, March 8, 2010


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”

~Albert Einstein


Yesterday, I was stretched out by the creek looking up at the sky seeking a moment of quiet and connection. A recurring phrase came into my consciousness…'an attitude of expectance'. Immediately, two red tail hawks flew into my view and began dancing in the thermals high above. Birds always come to give me messages from the heavens. Usually hawks appear when I am experiencing a moment of truth. Some may say this is all coincidence. But I don’t believe in coincidences. I expect miracles.

Over the last few weeks, I have had conversations with at least a half a dozen people explaining this attitude. I expect to be provided for. I expect to receive guidance. I expect opportunities to experience joy. I expect to experience miracles. It’s not a matter of wanting them or needing them any more. They are just there. All the time.

This is not the same thing as believing in a genie god who waves a wand and says “your wish is my command.” And unfortunately, it doesn’t mean I am always experiencing miracles, joy, or feeling provided for in some way. Doubt, fear, and believe in lack are the exact opposites of this attitude, and as a human I have all of these from time to time too. This attitude of expectance is one that needs to be developed and nurtured…there is a role that I must play in this Divine dance in order for miracles to manifest. Expectation and gratitude are the foundational steps to the dance I'm learning...and it is a lively one...cha cha cha.


I feel like it can be very easy to fall into the trap of the everyday “norm”. Watching the calendar fill up, flipping the pages as if life is run day by day. Everything down to the basics of mothering and the responsibilities of having a home can seem hum drum at times.

It is when this hum drum feeling overtakes me that I take a look around and realize how miraculous life really is. I almost think of it as my wonderful wake up call… a call to remember that I choose to see things as I wish, and what I see are miracles surrounding me everywhere I go, even if they aren’t so nice looking at times.

The trick is to notice all of the little things between here and there that can pose as our lessons to awareness. Start with the breath, and the amazing ability our bodies have to function every day. Think about our food, which was grown from a miraculous tiny seed, and nourishes our bodies. These are such basic thoughts, yet such large miracles that we carry with us each and every step of our days. It can be really easy to take life for granted and forget about the wonderful miracles that are embedded in each and every one of us. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with something, I try to remember to stop and listen to the secrets of the cool breezes and soak in the comforting warmth of the sun. After all, we are all weaving miracles with everything we do… we just have to open our eyes a little bit wider. There are miracles all around us just waiting to be seen.


  1. This is lovely ladies ;) That last part was my favorite....

    "After all, we are all weaving miracles with everything we do… we just have to open our eyes a little bit wider. There are miracles all around us just waiting to be seen."

    Perfect words Lisa :) Thank you.

  2. Beautiful and uplifting, thank you for sharing
    Gina x

  3. So true!! Life is miraculous and all we have to do is realize this to start appreciating every day we have. I was showing my kids the tiny little seeds that we will be planting soon that will turn into lettuce and kale and it actually got me thinking and talking about how amazing life really is! And, yes, we should expect great things!
    Thanks ladies!

  4. I am So trying to slow down and take it all in...not sure if I will master it...ever.
    With 4 kids and our busy is a blur...or a gail storm.

  5. What lovely writings..reminded me of a saying that my mom has on her bedside table..

    'Look for the small miracles in life and you'll see they're everywhere.'

    We SHOULD expect little miracles everyday because they ARE there. We just need to be reminded to look for them once in awhile.

    Thanks for the reminder :)

  6. I love this. My husband and I just had a LONG conversation yesterday about the power of believing. Believe first...expect miracles...they are there. Thanks again for a great post!

  7. i love that quote! and i feel fully one can feel a little of both, because i do!

  8. cultivation sure is key! planting the light? sowing the light? *grin* thanks for this!

  9. the divine dance and its foundational steps of expectation and gratitude, combined with the basics of breath and food certainly create a mindful way of life. :)

  10. These are both so true and lovely - what a great space you two have created here. Thank you!

  11. Thank you both - I think perhaps you explained something to me that has been on my mind of late.

  12. Once again I just love the messages you shared ... I don't believe in "coincidences" either Elizabeth. I've seen too many miracles happen in my own life to believe that things are coincidental. :0) When I am getting caught up in the "busyness" of life though, I so appreciate those little wake up calls that you referred to Lisa. There really are miracles all around us and when I pause to notice them~ and appreciate them~ I feel so much gratitude and peace in my life. :0)

  13. There is something very liberating in knowing that we have choice. A choice to be happy or not, a choice to allow love in, or not. A choice to embrace the good, or focus on the bad. Those moments where we realize how truly blessed me are is what reminds us that the choice is truly ours.
    Thank you for sharing

  14. i always leave your writings feeling a happy quiet yet i can't leave without saying thanks. i am holding your thoughts inside letting them linger and feeling a deep exhale within my soul. you both have such a gift, your children are so blessed and i can see through your writing that they in turn bless you. xo


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