Sunday, January 17, 2010

pick up the needle

We would love for you to pick up the needle and become part of our community.  Membership is free...all you have to do is share the vision and participate by spreading light into this world.  Any way you choose to do that is perfect, but here are some ways to let us and others know how you are threading light...
  • leave a comment
  • send us an email
  • post on your blog and leave a comment on a current post to let everyone know where to go for the next bit of inspiration
  • post photos in the threading light flickr pool
In the future, we plan to highlight some of the posts and photos created by our community.  Feel free to use the threading light button on your blog to let others know you are a part of this amazing community.

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Please leave us a comment and let us know that you will be joining us. We would love to have you pick up the needle...

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